Meet Your Creative Friends


As a former journalist I'm used to talking to people and getting their ‘story’. 


Having then worked as a freelance public relations consultant for many years, I gained a great deal of experience working with everyone from small start-ups to large global corporations.


It was my job to promote these businesses across all platforms – print, events, social media and websites. All too often I saw businesses that sold great products and services, but were struggling because they had failed to connect with their customers.


People often forget that they are their brand and that is what consumers want to connect with – a human! 


I am the digital content creator at Your Creative Friends. I want to help you make your website the best that it can be and help you tell the story of your brand.  



As a Chartered Engineer I was involved in major engineering projects that took me across the globe. I prided myself on finding the best solutions for the businesses I was working with.


With a keen eye for detail the next natural move was to join the product development team of a large manufacturer. This gave me an in-depth understanding of the role customer insights plays in the development of a product or service. I can fully understand the process many of our clients have gone through getting their product or service to the point they can sell it to customers, and the support they need to help them market it. 

Websites are the perfect tool to help businesses support a customer's journey in buying a product or service. My technical background has allowed me to develop the skills to design websites that are practical, but beautiful, whilst being user intuitive. 

I am the website designer at Your Creative Friends