We are excited to now be able to offer graphic design and branding services.

Lisa has a Diploma in Graphic Design from UCD Professional Academy, part of University College Dublin. Lisa can work with you to develop your visual identity.

Naomi has a great deal of experience developing brand stories for companies. She can help with brand tone of voice and personality

If you are looking for something new, redesigned or just updated, please give send us an email to get a quote.

Below are a list of services that we can offer as well as some examples of previous projects.

Graphic Design

Graphics Projects

Logo Design

Branded Stationary

& Marketing Materials

Brand Story

Social Media


Brand Colours

Claire's Catering Logo Design

Claire was re-branding and updating her website. This was the perfect time to implement a Logo for her business

pot logo.png
claires homepage.png
pot logo - Copy.png
colour palete.png

Other Services

Manage my Website

Monthly maintenance cost from £40 


This price includes maintenance of the £600 build me a website package (without add-ons). 


Each month we will manage your website with an agreed number of updates, including uploading new images/videos,  updating content, and updating banners (for example new offers you are running for your customers).

Quarterly analytics to ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly and continues to work hard for you getting customers to visit your site.

Ad Hoc changes 

Or, if you don't want a maintenance package, but do want some changes, we can quote you individually for these.

Work Desk

My Website needs Love

Following an initial meeting with you where we can discuss your needs, we will go away and analyse your website and tell you how we can make you love it again. 

Pricing will be dependent on the amount of work needed, but many businesses that we work with are surprised how we can reinvigorate their website and make it start working harder for them, all at a reasonable cost.

Your website is your shop front, a boring and messy website can turn off potential customers; it will reflect badly on you. Let your website be a reflection of your business and you. We can help you re-connect with your customers and win new ones.

Laptop Writing

Critique my website

Website Report

If you have built your website yourself, but you are just not sure if it is structured properly or user friendly; if you are confident with making changes to your site, but just can't get the structure or design that works best for you; if you built your site and not had time to critically analyse it, then we can help. We will produce a report that highlights the areas which are working for you and areas to modify, add, remove or improve. 

Modern Workspace

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