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We aim to be upfront and honest with all our costings and keep our language ‘non-technical’ so that you understand and feel part of the whole process.

People incorrectly assume that website creation can be prohibitively expensive. We work with many small businesses to support them in creating beautiful websites or improving their current ones, all without costing the earth!


  • We will arrange an initial meeting to get to know you and your business.

  • We then go away and put together a package that we feel best suits your needs.

  • We present this to you, if you like it, then great, we can start formally working with you. 

  • Pricing and timelines will be clear so you know exactly what you are buying and when your new website will go live.

Build me a Website


Price: £600

We will build you a bespoke website using content provided by you. We can edit your words and make them impactful. We also ensure the content is search engine friendly.

£600 includes:


We will create a maximum of 6 pages for your website.


Your content will be edited by us. We will also ensure it includes key words required for search engine optimisation.

Domain Name and Hosting

We will work with you to get the best website address for your business. Depending on the domain name chosen a supplementary charge may be incurred. We will then host your website for a year. If you want your website to be 'live' after the year you will have to just pay the hosting and domain cost. 

Search Engine Friendly 

We make sure your website is search engine friendly, so when someone is looking for a product or service that you could help them with, your website will more likely appear higher up in listings.

Links to Social Media  

We will ensure your website seamlessly links you to all of your social media platforms, helping your customers find you and your content easily.

Safe and Secure 

Your website will have an SSL secure certification. This means that sensitive data on your site will be secure.

Cookie Banners

Your website will display a cookie consent banner supporting your privacy and GDPR polices.

Mobile Optimised

Your customers will be able to view your website easily from their mobiles. This is important as most consumers now use mobile phone to do their research and make their buying decisions.


Your pictures will bring your website to life! Make sure they do the talking for you and we can help them make your website sing! Included in the cost is 10GB of photos, this is a large amount of memory space which we have never used up!


We can host videos on your website to help you engage even more with your customers and give them a feel of a live experience. The cost includes an hour of video time, more than enough time to showcase your service or product throughout your website.

Unlimited Bandwidth 

This means that your website will download smoothly for easy viewing, this results in happy visitors to your site.


If you require your website to have extra functionality such as:

Write my Content

We can create the content for your website. We will quote for this based on your individual requirements, for example an interview and write-up for your About Us page.

I need a shop 

This means that you need an e-commerce site. We can quote for this individually based on number of products/ranges required.

I need a booking system

This means that you need an e-commerce site that gives you the ability to allow people to book and pay for classes / events etc. We will quote individually based on your needs. 

Other Services

Manage my Website

Website maintenance cost from £40 pm


This price includes maintenance of the £600 build me a website package (without add-ons). 


Each month we will manage your website with an agreed number of updates, including uploading new images/videos,  updating content, and updating banners (for example new offers you are running for your customers).

Quarterly analytics to ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly and continues to work hard for you getting customers to visit your site.

Ad Hoc changes 

Or, if you don't want a maintenance package, but do want some changes, we can quote you individually for these.

Work Desk

My Website needs Love

Following an initial meeting with you where we can discuss your needs, we will go away and analyse your website and tell you how we can make you love it again. 

Pricing will be dependent on the amount of work needed, but many businesses that we work with are surprised how we can reinvigorate their website and make it start working harder for them, all at a reasonable cost.

Your website is your shop front, a boring and messy website can turn off potential customers; it will reflect badly on you. Let your website be a reflection of your business and you. We can help you re-connect with your customers and win new ones.

Laptop Writing

Critique my website

Website Report

If you have built your website yourself, but you are just not sure if it is structured properly or user friendly; if you are confident with making changes to your site, but just can't get the structure or design that works best for you; if you built your site and not had time to critically analyse it, then we can help. We will produce a report that highlights the areas which are working for you and areas to modify, add, remove or improve. 

Modern Workspace

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